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If you've looked at my web page before you may notice that it's suddenly quite different - much more up-to-date and fancier. My previous page was done a long time ago by my husband, Larry, who is actually a music professor and not a computer programmer. But by using "HTML for DUMMIES", and a great deal of patience, he came up with what I've always thought was a pretty nice product.

But recently I've noticed that other writers often have more decorations, as well as more personal and up to date stuff, on their web pages. Which seems, now that I think about it, to be only right and proper. So we decided we need some good professional help. And . .VOILA!

I've also experimented with the new idea of "Social Networking" and I would enjoy hearing from you, my readers. Over the years, your letters have given me a wonderful sense of how my books are being enjoyed. Please consider joining my group on Facebook.

I am currently working on my forty-fifth book, and I look forward to sharing it with you.