A Message from Zilpha                                           

Welcome to my website! As any reader of my books knows, some of them have been around a long time. As a matter of fact, so have I. Actually, Iím quite a bit past retirement age, but for several reasons I keep on writing. The first and most important is that I like doing it. I just feel better when Iím involved with a set of characters whose lives Iím trying to unravel and turn into stories because...? Well, because stories are things that have fascinated me since I was a very young child when, I am told, I wept bitterly when my motherís nightly reading brought us to the end of a given book--Heidi, Peter Pan, whatever. Not because it was a sad ending, but because it was done. The story was over.

So I keep on writing. And before we get on to facts and figures, I am eager to tell you that my new book, which was published on May 1, 2011, is William's Midsummer Dreams, a sequel to William S. and the Great Escape. It follows William as his dream of becoming a professional actor comes true, but not without dangerous slip-ups, some of them caused by fellow actors--one of whom is angry and envious and another who is only too adoring.

So now I have written and had published forty six books and yes, there is another in the "works". Should you want to know more about my life and career, you might click on "About Me", which contains my autobiography.

  What's New?                   

William's wish to be a real actor comes true as he is cast as Puck in a professional production of Shakespeare's Midsummer Night's Dream, but he soon finds that all is not well in his dream world. Trouble arises from the embarrassing adoration of one cast member as well as from the envious anger of another. William's grand success as an actor is beset by real dangers. Some of them new and slippery and some still shadowed by his Baggett-ridden past.
Newbery Honor Books
Back again at Atheneum, the publisher of her first 22 books, Zilpha feels very much at home. Atheneum has not only published her three most recent books, but has issued handsome new editions of her Newbery Honor Books, complete with the original illustrations by Alton Raible. Click here to learn more.

Green Sky Trilogy is Now Available Again
Below the Root, And All Between and Until the Celebration, Zilpha's imaginative science fantasy of the land of Green-Sky, has also been republished by iUniverse. Click here to learn more.

Back in Print!
Three early titles, The Velvet Room, The Changeling, and Black and Blue Magic, are now back in print in handsome new editions with the original illustrations by Alton Raible. Zilpha received so many letters and emails from devoted fans looking for these books, that she made arrangements through The Authors' Guild with iUniverse to republish them. They may be purchased directly through Amazon, iUniverse.com, or through a number of online booksellers.